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Environmental protection has an essential part for the society, justified by the specific of this activity, meaning recycling waste products such as papers and boards.

SC Ecoapaper SA established an environmental management system according to the requirements of SR EN ISO 14001:2005 (ISO 14001:2004) and a quality management system according to the stipulations of SR EN ISO 9001:2001 (ISO 9001:2000) standard, in order to manufacture and merchandise paper for corrugated board.

By the deployment and maintenance of the environmental management system, S.C. Ecopaper S.A. engages itself to respect the active legislation and the regulations regarding environmental matters, as well as the continuous improvement and prevention of pollution.

General environment targets are:
  • Efficient use of raw materials, materials and utilities during manufacture process
  • Improvement of environmental quality agents by measuring and monitoring the real environmental performance and put in practice all the necessary actions
  • Increase the recovery degree, recovery of technological wastes, responsible elimination and in absolute safety of residual wastes
Environmental targets stated in this politic are fulfilled by defining the environment purposes within the framework of environmental management program. Financial and human means are assigned for the achievement of environmental targets material.

In order to ensure their achievement, the management analyses periodically the environmental targets at a high level.

Management at the highest level is secured through transposing into practice the environmental politics by the authority given to the representative of the leadership, by the activity of the person responsible for environmental protection, as well as by the responsible activity of each employee.

The care for each environmental agent – water, air, soil – is argued by the great volume of investments directed towards this purpose:
  • Flotation plant of effluents from the paper machine
  • Technical rehabilitation of the purifying station
  • Improve the functioning of the biological stages
  • Update the analysis laboratory, supply it with the latest equipment for permanently monitoring the emissions and the water that overflows in the river
  • Drillings execution in order to examine the quality of the water from the ground surface

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