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EcoPaper S.A. is a trade company specialized in paper manufacture for corrugated board, using paper and board waste products as 100 % raw material. In this way they contribute to the protection of the environment.

At the present moment, with an existence of over 150 years, S.C. EcoPaper S.A. finds itself on the top of paper manufacturers for corrugated board from all over the country. The quality of their products and of the services that they offer are guaranteed by the deployment of the Quality-Environment Integrated System, according to ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards 9001:2001 and 14001:2004.

The main concern of the company is represented by the fulfillment of the obligations that they assume in relation to the contributors and by the continuous improvement of their image both on the internal and external market.


While paper manufacture was first mentioned in 1857, the bases of the paper mill were laid in 1852 by the merchants of the Trading Houses from Brasov, among whom the famous scholar George Baritiu.12 types of paper were manufactured, among which writing and printing paper, colored paper, cigarette and wrapping paper.

In 1889 arises the pulp mill with foreign capital, which in 1893 will manufacture for the first time cellulose from resinous wood.
In 1939 are build bleaching plants, which allow the manufacture of bleached and chemical pulp. The types of pulp that the mill manufactures until 1948 are: alpha pulp, rayon pulp, bleached and natural stationer pulp, raw roofing felt for asphalt work.

At the 1st of September 1948, after the nationalization act, by the fusion of the two existing mills arises "Nicolae Balcescu" pulp and paper mill Zarnesti.

Important investments are made between 1953 – 1986 and in this way are brought into service two lines for the manufacture of fodder yeast, the plant for lignosulfonic products and other machines for the manufacture of flimsy and crepe paper.

In 1980, the paper machine for corrugated board of origin from Beloit Italy and Fampa Poland was brought into service. Its initial capacity was of 40.000 tones/year, using wastepaper as main raw material.



SC Celohart SA is set up in 1990, according to Law no. 15/1990 and to the Government Decision 1200/12.10.1990, by taking over the whole inheritance of the former Zarnesti pulp and paper group of enterprises.

Starting with 2001, after it turned private, the lines of production that became obsolete from the technical point of view, pollutant and inefficient were closed and the investments were directed towards the update of the machine for corrugated board, by increasing at present times the capacity of the production up to 80.000 tones/year.

In April 2002 the name of the company changed and S.C. Celohart S.A. became S.C. Ecopaper S.A.


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