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EcoPack and EcoPaper are now part of DS Smith. For more information, please, visit www.dssmith.com/packaging and www.dssmith.com/paper.”

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About us
EcoPaper S.A. is a trade company specialized in paper manufacture for corrugated board, using paper and board waste products as 100 % raw material. In this way they contribute to the protection of the environment.

At the present moment, with an existence of over 150 years, SC. EcoPaper S.A. finds itself on the top of paper manufacturers for corrugated board from all over the country.

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Our Products
The main object of activity of SC. EcoPaper S.A. is represented by the manufacture and merchandising of the following types of paper:
- wellenstoff paper
- ecoliner paper
- schrenz paper

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Quality - environment


In the field of quality and environment, SC. EcoPaper S.A. politics consist of delivering products that can meet the requests of our clients, legal and applicable regulation requirements, to minimize the impact of local activities upon the environment, to improve continuously the efficiency of the applied management system.

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