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The mission of our organization is to provide our clients with products of high quality in the field of paper manufacture, by finishing the products on schedule and in a way that implies innovative methods to make costs efficient and protect the environment.


Our vision is to create and maintain a leader position on the Romanian market, in paper manufacture field. We also intend to develop ourselves, by joining the external market of this field through the collaboration with external companies and clients.


In the field of quality and environment, SC. EcoPaper S.A. politics consist of delivering products that can meet the requests of our clients, legal and applicable regulation requirements, to minimize the impact of local activities upon the environment, to improve continuously the efficiency of the applied management system.

Integrated Environmental Authorization (see PDF file)
Laboratory Accreditation Certificate (see PDF file)
Waste collection authority (see PDF file)


Our general targets in the field of quality and environment are the following:
- Satisfy the requests of our clients; Each delivery must be considered as a recommendation for future business, while the requirements and conditions of the client must be achieved through our arrangements and through products in accordance with the consented criteria
- Continuous improvement of the processes, the products and make sure that these are achieved within a framework that does not infringe the environmental active legislation
- Concern for keeping a balance between social, economic and environmental requirements
- Give priority to the providers that implemented quality and environmental management systems and especially to those who are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
- Involve each employee by consciousness, training and motivation
- Use of unpolluted technologies, recycle regenerated materials, save natural resources, reduce the volume of manufactured waste products

The achievement of these wishes and consequently, our purpose of continuing our work as a competitive and successful entity, will be at the same time determined by our resources, organization, the dedication that we concede to our work and above all, our attitude towards quality and environmental protection.

The management of the company guarantees that all employees fulfill their part in accordance with the requirements of this manual, regarding their responsibility area.

This obligation statement will be communicated to all employees, to the public and it will be periodically analyzed for its continuous appropriateness.

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